Dubai real estate market. Results of 2022 and prospects for 2023

The volume of Dubai real estate transactions in the 11 months to November exceeded the record set in the same period in 2009 (the previous record)



According to the Dubai Land Department (DLD), there were a total of 95,756 real estate sales transactions worth over AED 260.07 billion ($70.82 billion) and 60,221 leveraged mortgage transactions worth AED 149.02 billion ($40.58 billion) during 2022.


1.Then, in 2009, the Dubai real estate bubble, fueled by debt, burst amid the global financial crisis - the market has recovered only now we can say. However, those were dollars (and dirhams) in 2009, so the record is broken in nominal prices, but not in real terms. The dollar, the hardest currency in the world, has depreciated more than 38% from 2009 to today, $100 in 2009 = $138 in 2022.

2.The Dubai real estate market is not overheated now as it was in 2009. Moreover, it is the least overheated market, according to the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2022. That is, the Dubai real estate market is not overvalued. According to the Knight Frank report, prices will continue to rise next year - the value of luxury real estate will increase by 13.5%. Dubai has always attracted millionaires and billionaires, but now they move here full-time and want the biggest and best houses.
Buyers from the Russian Federation made an important dent in the year gone by, although more established European countries still supply affluent buyers. In the new year 2023, Hussein Sajwani, Damac's chief executive, expects a new influx from China because of covid policy and political risks: "The next boom will come from the Chinese

In the new year 2023, AM Capital will have many new deals in the Dubai real estate market, but in the meantime, we have almost closed the Ibiza cluster of the Damac Lagoons project - only a few lots remain, don't miss out.
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