Currency deposit from AM Capital with monthly accrual of interest

Digital safe
10% p.a. in USDT

This interest-bearing currency deposit allows you to deposit, store and withdraw dollars in the form of USDT without commissions.
Yield in the most liquid and reliable stabelcoin USDT

The Digital Safe is your internal account on the AM Capital platform, which gives you 10% p.a. in dollars.

The first indexation after 3 months by 2.49%, then every month by 0.83%.
Monthly payments of earned interest
Interest-free monthly withdrawal on application (considered up to 30 days with interest accrued for the last month)
By depositing money into a digital vault, you provide AM Capital with additional funds for venture capital and real estate operations. By using these funds, we increase our margins and pay you a commission on our profits.
Where does the profit come from?
Win-Win Strategy
For you it is more profitable than a bank deposit, and for us it is more profitable than a bank loan. This is the foundation on which long-term relationships are built.
terms of grant
Minimum deposit amount
Deposit currency
Deposit period
US dollars in the form of USDT
From three months
provided by
Partial removal
Withdrawal fee
provided by
not available
First indexation after 3 months by 2.49%
Terms of accrual of interest:
Conditions for early withdrawal:
Interest is accrued monthly at 0.83% and is automatically paid to the USDT wallet
If you need money before the three-month deadline, you can always get it
No interest income is accrued on early termination
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