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One of the disadvantages of investing in nonpublic companies is the liquidity of your investments - to sell your asset, you or a broker must first find a buyer. Without this, the sale will not take place.
Brokers are often reluctant to help clients find new buyers, making investments uncertain over time.
On the AM Capital platform you can see that we do not hide the price of the asset, but on the contrary, we put it on public display. Any actions with your assets are available in your personal cabinet
On the AM Capital platform you don't need a huge initial capital and the status of a qualified investor, buying assets and participating in transactions starts from $1000
On the AM Capital platform, you can build a balanced portfolio of different assets with several exit options from these assets
AM Capital is a licensed, audited platform registered in the UAE and has a representative office in the Russian Federation. We are very careful about the safety of our investors, so we rejected offshore, unregulated jurisdictions

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For convenience, we have developed and implemented a convenient, informative and multifunctional Personal Cabinet, through which the investor can always know his own income, and if necessary - to fix a position before the deadline and cash out funds
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