AM Capital - Results 2023

We started the year with investments in real estate and created a unique application for investing in venture capital, real estate and alternative investment instruments in the convenient AM Capital application.


INTRODUCTORY Over this year, our company continues to develop both in terms of investment projects and product improvement.

Let's start with investment products:
We have formed a clear positioning that our company specializes in venture capital transactions, real estate investments and alternative investments.
Venture deals in early rounds - unlike Pre-IPO where there are quite a lot of intermediaries with their own markups and a large chain of such intermediaries, investments in early rounds are cleaner investments, because often this is an opportunity to get into the startup’s captable.
Since venture deals, although profitable, are risky, we also offer investments in real estate, because These are more conservative investments and are considered safer.
Well, the direction that we launched at the end of the year - alternative investments with the opportunity to receive monthly dividends has become the most popular. The digital safe is less popular, but nevertheless there are clients who do not want to take risks at all and choose stability.
Thus, combining these areas gives our clients the opportunity to assemble a more diversified portfolio - and as it turns out, the need for portfolio formation and support is quite high.

Product improvements to the AM Capital investment platform:
Full application development for iOS and Android. We have released an application on Android, we are trying to pass iOS moderation.
We introduced a documents section in your personal account, all transactions are recorded and documented in your personal account.
We have improved and simplified verification and registration of new users.
And now we will tell you about the results and plans.


Double the number of clients.
Open a legal entity in Cyprus.
Expand the line of investment products in the application, enter new countries and regions where we can apply real estate investing.
To record a number of transactions that we entered into in '22.
Active development of the b2b segment, active development of our IT product as a SAAS for foreign companies.
Expansion of the partner network, including in the foreign segment of the Internet.
Closing the first investment round in the first half of the year and launching a new one by the end of the year.


We decided to launch this direction practically from the start - it is the most highly profitable with the lowest entry threshold and extremely promising.
We created our own Launchpad in order to conduct ICOs and IDOs, giving our clients access to buy tokens before they go public. Despite the difficult market situation, we managed to attract some promising projects and close some good deals. But after the collapse of FTX crypto exchange we decided to freeze this direction - we suspended the search for new projects and postponed the development of tokenomics for our token AM Coin. The collapse of FTX has greatly frightened all institutional investors, exposed many of the structural problems of the industry, stopped the flow of new users and simply made it toxic and unpromising to invest in the industry until at least mid-2023. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency remains in demand and highly profitable in the long term - and we will definitely return to it when the situation stabilizes, the risks of cascading liquidations are gone, and the industry has recovered.
*All current projects remain on the launchpad, and my clients and I look forward to launching their tokens, whose yields may surprise in a good way.

We would like to express our gratitude to those clients who believed in us as a company and in us as a team: Thank you for your trust, we will not let it down and will try to increase the results of this year in the coming year 2024!
Yours, AM Capital
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