History of trends in financial markets

Let's talk about investments and start with such a thing as trends in financial markets.


Venture capital investments are investments in startups that have high potential returns, but also involve high risk. At such moments, no one can say with certainty whether the project will be successful or not. Investors decide to invest money in several business projects at the same time, assuming that not all of their investments will pay off.
According to statistics, seven out of ten projects do not reach the finish line, but the three that succeed bring significant profits.
venture investment is investing capital in high-tech and promising, but high-risk business projects

How do investors make money?

For his venture investment, the investor receives a stake in the company, similar to buying shares on the stock exchange. In the future, the investor can receive a share of profit and fame, as well as influence the company’s activities, decisions made and project development strategies.
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