Venture startup, what is it?

A venture startup must have certain characteristics, such as innovation and technology


The project must offer something new that is not yet on the market - it could be a breakthrough technology that can change the direction of the future. Manufacturability means that a company’s product or service must fit into a new technological structure, taking into account the challenges and opportunities of our time.
It must be remembered that for every successful startup, there are four unsuccessful ones where people lose their money. Venture investments are accompanied by the risk of loss of investment

Investment case example

One successful example of venture capital investment is Zoom. In 2011, Eric Yuan, a former Cisco engineer, created his own business called SaaSbee (Zoom's original company name). The company only had an idea, but was already valued at $12 million and successfully attracted investment to develop the technology. By 2021, Zoom was valued at $50 billion. If you had invested $1,000 in Zoom in 2011, it would have brought you $12,300,000 in 2022.
In our portfolio there is an analogue of the Zoom company, this is the Teleport company - another example of a successful venture company. The company attracted significant investments and achieved a high value of its shares.
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