Ways to invest in real estate. Buying new buildings in Dubai

Investments in real estate are one of the most stable and profitable ways of investing capital. Classic ways of investing in real estate are represented by three options.
We'll tell you about each one separately.


The modern real estate market offers a wide range of opportunities for investors, including interest-free installments when purchasing real estate from a developer in Dubai. This system allows clients to select a project at the design stage and payment terms from the developer, which can range from 30% to 80%.
Currently, the real estate market in Dubai is at the peak of its development, but, in our opinion, this state will not last long and a crisis will occur in one and a half to two years

How does this happen?

When purchasing real estate in Dubai at the construction stage, the investor needs to select the desired project, which is at the design stage and has just been announced for sale by the developer. In the case of a popular project, the demand for real estate may be so great that the buyer will have to wait in line to receive a number by which he will be invited to pay for the selected lot. Some developers even organize a lottery to allocate available lots. In this case, acquiring the desired object may require several attempts. However, the less money needed to be deposited during the construction stage, the more profitable it is for the investor.


Let's consider an example of purchasing real estate at the excavation stage. Let's assume you decide to purchase a property whose construction will take 4 years. You will need to contribute 30-40% of the total cost of the property, which is 10% per year. This payment system allows the investor to spread costs over several years.

Dubai real estate market

The market is growing due to factors such as the arrival of a new wave of Chinese buyers, the provision of interest-free installments and the creation of a huge rush.
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