We know how much the first impression can influence an investor's decision, so we offer comprehensive packaging. It will help you stand out from the competition and attract the most investors.
Comprehensive preparation of investment Ideas
We offer to package your startup to attract the attention of investors and convince them of the benefits of investing in your project
For startups looking to enter the MENA market.

Комплексная инвест. Идей

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Project evaluation and digitization

Market analysis - analysis of public peers and private competitors
Analysis of current data from the company - past, current, future costs, analysis of potential revenue sources, evaluation of monetization strategy
Assessment of the current value depending on the type of company/project
Success path - analysis of success stories in the industry, potential exit strategies
Scenario analysis - building a valuation of the company at the output depending on various market scenarios
Investor return matrix - through direct investment and/or debt instruments

Roadshow Pack development

Preparing an investment presentation and teaser for investors
MeMo preparation - open letter describing company, owners, business model, markets, risks
Use of funds statement - visualization of the use of attracted funds
VC Questionnaire (bandwidth) - a long list of questions most frequently asked by investors to funders
Preparation of the prospectus of the round - entry conditions, risks, ownership structure
Exit strategy
Legal and tax advice in the selected jurisdiction (Dubai?)

Marketing and legal support

Choice of form of fundraising (financing, debt financing, mixed type)
Registration of a legal entity for fundraising

The cost of the set of services

The cost of the package:
14 000 $

Starter Pack


29 000 $
The cost of the package:
Placing on our platform

Optimal offer

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The cost of the package:
Maintenance 1 month
Maintenance 1 month
19 000 $
Project evaluation and digitization
Preparation of investment materials
Project evaluation and digitization
Preparation of investment materials
Marketing and legal support
Project evaluation and digitization
Preparation of investment materials
Marketing and legal support
Maintenance 2 months
Getting to Know the Venture Communities
Implemented projects
ideas and projects
We were approached by a great team with an interesting gold mining business idea in Mali. They wanted to create a crypto project around it and came to us for raising $100k through a lunchpad.
While working together, we convinced them that the market conjuncture at the time was not conducive to the successful launch of a crypto project with a similar idea and offered to help in the comprehensive development and launch of the startup in the Dubai market.
In the end, the guys left with a fully packaged project and investment materials, a ready-made legal entity and a "Roadshow Pack" to raise $10 million. But more importantly - they left us confident in what and how to do, and they spent only $30,000 on it.
Gold Diggers
We are ready to offer you all the necessary services to package your startup in order to attract the maximum number of investors and achieve financial success.
Contact us and we'll help you raise the investment you need!
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